Q. Can I get the 20 hours ECE subsidy?

A. Yes you can, once your child turns 3 the government will subsidise 20 hours ECE care.

Q. Can I get a WINZ or StudyLink subsidy?

A. Yes you can. You will need to apply for the subsidy via WINZ or StudyLink and we will need to complete part of the form for you. Once it is approved the subsidy will be deducted from your weekly invoice.

Q. Will my child be upset when I leave them?

A. It depends on the child. Children settle into childcare at their own pace, rest assured that they do settle and we will do all we can to make them feel safe, secure and loved.

Q. Who can collect or drop off my child?

A. Only people who are designated on the enrollment form can collect your child. The only exception is if we have been given written notification from you (the parent/guardian) that another person can collect your child,

Q. Can I get a holiday discount?

A. Yes, we offer a 50% discount for each child for 4 weeks of every year.

Q. Is twinkle twinkle open on public holidays?

A. No we are closed public holidays.

Q. Do I need to pay for public holidays?

A. Yes unfortunately you do. This is because the teachers need to be paid and the government does not provide funding for public holidays.

Q. Does my child need to have immunisations to attend twinkle twinkle?

A. No child will be excluded if they are not immunised. We need to keep a register of all immunised and un-immunised children so that if there were an outbreak we can advise parents of un-immunised children to stay home.

Q. What is the difference between a care and education centre vs kindergarten

Kindergartens don’t take children under a specified age, say 2.5 (kindergartens all differ with what age they will take children). The ratios of adult to child at Kindergarten are 1:15, whereas Care and Education centres are 1:10 (over 2's) and 1:5 (under 2's).

Kindergartens tend to operate sessions of 4 or 6 hrs only. Learning curriculum and programme requirements are exactly the same for kindergartens and early learning centres, and certified teachers require the same qualification and registration status. Early learning centres and kindergartens are governed by the same bodies - Ministry of Education and ERO.

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